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IXILY is an international network of price comparison portals. Constantly investing in R&D to improve search services and multi-purpose comparison, IXILY is focused on delivering comprehensive and compelling information to users by providing valuable support to their buying decisions.

What we do
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    Payitless.com is a price comparison network, founded in 2008, providing search services and multi-purpose tools ranging from helpful price insights to comprehensive advice on millions of products and services. Our portals network is specifically designed to provide updated information on top offers at convenient prices in the most important markets of Europe and South America. Our price comparison portals contain millions of products and services on offer as well as useful user-generated reviews and opinions, supervised by our editorial team and by users themselves.
    Furthermore our price comparison network is also a free classified ads marketplace, containing millions of classified ads organized in thousands of relevant categories.
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    ituha is a totally free of charge service price comparison website, containing in-depth product details and expert reviews, helping users compare prices and find the best stores online to purchase products and services in just a few clicks. The user is guided throughout his on line shopping experience, from the product identification to the purchase, thanks to innovative price comparison tools based on advanced proprietary technology. The wide informative content created by our experts and selected from the most influential websites creates a perfect combination of information needed when making buying decisions.
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    ClaRo our proprietary platform facilitates design and implementation of e-commerce sites. Our solutions enable selling of physical products, digital goods or services, fully adaptable to different business models .
     B2B Management and B2C Management
     Multilingual and Multicurrency
     Full management of product description, details, classification, SKUs and photo galleries for each product
     Integration available with couriers in Italy and EU
     Support major payment systems Request Info
    <img src='assets/products/claro/logo.png' alt='logo pay it less'>
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